Bestand® Tastatur Dockingstation für Apple Kabellose Tastatur und Magic Trackpad 2


Customer FAQ

Q1:Is the product configurable such that the trackpad can be placed on the left-hand side?

     This beststand for apple trackpad only can be placed on the right-hand side.

Q2:what the deferent between Trackpad our touchpad?

     This is made to accommodate the newer Apple Magic Trackpad 2 (it is the newer, larger, white trackpad model). That's just the proper Apple name for it. 

Q3:To charge, I assume keyboard and pad must be removed from Bestand?

     It should work to leave it in case. 

Q4:Is there a problem getting to the on-off switches?

     No, I seem to have no issues accessing the on/off switch from either keyboard or pad. It gives you the exact amount of space to use your finger to turn the switch on/off. 



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